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How does the colour correcting formula work?

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We hear you’re ready to level up your tan game. And you’re probably here because you’ve heard we can help you with that - specifically, our colour correcting formulations can help with that.


But what on earth does that actually mean? 


Well, before we worry about colour correcting, we first need to talk about your undertone. 


Your undertone is the colour that sits under your skin (yeah… the name is a bit of a giveaway). Your undertone can fall into one of three categories - warm, neutral or cool. 


If you fall into the warm category, you usually have tones of gold, yellow and peach in your appearance overall. Usually those who are warm undertoned have veins that are green in appearance, hair that is more ‘golden brown’ rather than ‘ashy’, they suit gold coloured jewellery, have brown, golden or honey eyes and will tan rather than burn when spending time in the sun. 

Those who sit in the cool category have pink and red tones overall. They will have purple/blue veins, ashy hair, blue/green eyes and suit silver jewellery. They will also tend to burn rather than tan naturally in the sun. 

As you can see below, your undertone will sit somewhere on the spectrum of the colour wheel, the closer you sit to the middle of the colour wheel, the closer you will be to neutral - but you will always find that you’ll be closer to one undertone than the other. 

image via Pinterest


This colour wheel is a universally used tool for many different industries. It shows us the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colours and visually demonstrates how colours relate to each other. Knowing your skin’s undertone and the colour theory that comes with that comes in handy in various areas, from makeup, to hair styling, to the clothes you wear. This knowledge is used by artists, designers, it’s used in advertising and branding… but today we’re just focusing on the most important area of your life - your tan. 

Let’s take our minds back to year 6 art. Remember what happens when we mix the colours on the colour wheel? 

If we have the colour pink and we drop some green into it - it’s likely going to come out a shade of brown. Likewise if we were to add purple to yellow. This is because using two colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel will neutralise both colours and give us a brown. Which is exactly the aim when we apply a tanning product. 

Our very talented Azure Tan chemists were able to harness the science of undertones and colour theory to create products that neutralise and colour correct your natural tones and give you the perfect colour and best results every time.

So if you as an at home tanner, or your client if you are a technician, is someone who identifies as having warm, yellow/golden undertones, we want to jump on the opposite side of the colour wheel to neutralise that warmth with a purple… or what we call… “violet” bronzer base. On the other hand if you or your client has pink/red undertones, we’d be looking to neutralise the cool tones with a green base tan. 

On top of this already wonderful technology, traditionally when you shower off your tan, you painfully watch all of the bronzer run down the drain. However, what would be the point of this colour correcting technology if we had to say goodbye to it almost immediately? 

So not only have our chemists introduced the colour correction science into the formula, but they found a way to keep the bronzer working its magic for 3-5 days post first rinse! 

When taking your first post tan rinse, you’ll notice a lot less bronzer washing off your body in comparison to other tanning brands. That’s because our Azure Tan chemists have innovated new technology to lock in that bronzer for longer-lasting bronzer on the skin. This is done via two methods; firstly our formulas contain ‘film-formers’. Film former agents create a water-resistant barrier over the skin which not only locks in the bronzer but also locks in the moisturising emollients to keep the skin extra smooth, hydrated and healthy. Secondly, Azure Tan formulas contain skin-penetrating solvents, which facilitates smoother spreading to allow the bronzers and actives to permeate into the deeper layers of the skin for a longer lasting effect, whilst also ensuring a streak-free result.

So there you have it. 

We’re talking science here - you can’t argue with science. We’re changing the game. 

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